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    Monesson Photography Studio
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    Joshua Monesson

    An Internationally published and award-winning Venice photographer, Joshua Monesson provides dynamic headshots, portraits, and imagery that get results. He has appeared on Good Morning America, and his award-winning work has been featured in art galleries from New York to Los Angeles.

    From boudoir and business to babies, he will give you the look you need to get what you want now.

    The studio is open 7 days a week, and he often has same-day bookings available for headshots, family portraits, online dating photos, boudoir, product shots, and events.

    Come see why his clients scream rave reviews and book a shoot today!!!



    "I love it! As I mentioned I'm not the most photogenic person so for me to look this nice in a photo is... well, it's something. This is way beyond what I expected, it's perfect." - melitos

       "The photos you took are phenomenal!  Great work. Best, -jay
    "Josh is a first rate professional with outstanding technical skills. I needed headshots in a hurry for business. Josh got me in the day I called, provided me with a huge selection of outstanding shots to choose from, assisted me with the selection, and provided a high quality final product at a very reasonable price. The entire process from start to finish was only a few days." -dominic 

    "I had some shots taken by Josh for my music portfolio. Great turn out. He was so easy to work with and he didn't waste any time. He took alot of shots with different settings in and outdoors that I can use for quite sometime. I was very pleased with my cd he made for me by the end of our shoot. I would recommend him to others that need photos done by a professional." -tony

    "Josh did a fabulous and professional job for me! I had a need for head shots for a national business publication on extremely short notice. Josh fit me in quickly, gave me a myriad of choices, gave excellent direction and advice on how the shot should look and best of all, took great photos. Josh was able to get me usable touched up copies in no time flat. Josh is professional and above all a great photographer! Thanks again Josh!" -evan

    "Joshua was very professional. He came through for us in a clutuch and provided beautiful pictures. Love the way everything is set up online. Highly recomended and very affordable. Thanks Joshua!" -cassandra

    "Josh was really nice. I don't really like to have my picture taken, but Josh made this a fun experience. He was able to get me an appointment on very short notice. He took the time to understand what I wanted and had ideas on how to achieve the that. He is very professional and the headshots looked great. I would definitely recommend hiring Josh." -mo

    "Josh is AMAZING! He did my maternity shoot and I am more than thrilled with the results. Initially, I was looking for a female photographer but after speaking with Josh on the phone, I thought I'd give it a shot. I am so glad I did! Josh made me feel so comfortable -- his work is INCREDIBLE and on top of that? He's cool, fun, creative, patient, and very thoughtful (did I mention he bought healthy snacks so my baby and I wouldn't be hungry? That rocks!). I have the most beautiful pictures from my pregnancy that I will have forever and ever. Thank you, Josh, for preserving this memory in print. Can't wait to see you after Baby is born for a newborn session!" -rosayln

    "So i had a shoot yesterday and all i can say is he i amazing! I loved working with him he made me feel comfortable and was very professional. My pictures were breathtaking and i haven't even seen them edited. Im definitely going to work with him again." -heather

    "I just wanted you to know that I’m getting rave reviews on my new photo from everyone (including my 19 year old actor son:-).  Thanks again for helping me get that picture.  I feel great every time I look at it.  Do let me know if and when you come to Texas.  I will be sure to let all my friends know of your special talent:-)" -bill

     "Joshua was the best photographer I have ever worked with. I am typically nervous on film, but he got me to feel relaxed and condfident in my ability to take good pictures. AND HE DID! The photo's turned out so well, I am using them as headshots, CD and DVD cover, and my web page. I could not have asked for more. And whats better, his price came in way under my budget. He helped to suggest shots and well as touch them up after. If this is your first time getting pro shots done, or if you are an experienced pro, as a professional his work can't be matched, and thats on every ascpect of the business. My thanks and highest recommendations of Joshua Monesson for all your photo work. I mean every word my friend. Thank you for your patients and support." -justin

    "Joshua Monesson isn’t just some guy with a fancy high-res camera, rather a guy with a high-res camera and knows how to use it to the fullest potential. I am an aspiring actress and was in need of a few headshots. Prior to my shoot, I had done some research on several photographers in Southern California. With each one, I browsed throughout their galleries. His work stood out immediately from the rest! It seemed to capture personality...Not just photos, like you'd see hanging up at GreatClips lol. After the shoot, he gave me a dvd with every single shot. I am really happy with how my pictures turned out…honestly some of the best ever taken of me! Monesson is definitely in the right biz!" -hayley

    "The photos are gorgeous!! You are a brilliant photographer. It would be wonderful to shoot with you again. I won't be coming to LA for a while, but when I do I shall let you know."  -jessica

    "The photos are amazing and make me very happy! Thanks for being awesome today and working with me. I had a great time. Also, I will choose the top 5 after these are deleted so I can look at the album with my mother and decide which to order." -marina

     "Thank you so much for the pictures I purchased from you! The photos were the best I have ever seen of the girls. You were able to capture their personality perfectly with those candid portraits. How did you do it? They express so much. Wonderful job. Natalie loves them. Cant wait to get more from you. Harvey is the coolest dog ever." -caryn

    "Thank you. You are an awesome photographer. They all look great. There are so many that I like!!! You made me look beautiful!!! Thanks." -miki

    "Helo Josh! I loved the photos....looking forward to getting the CD ASAP!" -brett

    "I loved them. I found some that I really like!" -crystal

    "I only just got the chance to check out the gallery, and I love what you got! There are some really awesome shots in there, I have a retardedly long list of the ones I like! Thank you again for getting me in to shoot, I had a lot of fun!"  -peggy

     "I went to see your show today in NYC and your photos looked great! ... I thought your stuff was miles above the competition. You're so talented and I can't wait to see more!" -sara

    "It was fabulous working with you today. Thank you for making it a fun shoot and making me feel comfortable. You were so pro-active at getting the shots, gave great direction and have a really good eye. I can't wait to see the images and shoot with you again. Thanks!" -eve

    "Speechless, Blown away by your photography! Your style is amazing, you have such a good eye. Im glad we were able to work together so easily.
    I enjoyed this shoot! Thank you for making me look beautiful and making me feel comfortable!

    "Thank you so much for your time. You were really patient with me :)" -amanda

    "hey josh how's it going??? it's cherese sorry i'm just now able to get back with you... i think ALL the pics look GREAT... i'm just waiting on my agent to choose the 3 looks that she likes... she's going over them today... so, you should be hearing from me within the next couple of days... thanks again for your wonderful shots!!!" -cherese 

    "The images...are breathtaking! You really captured tons of excellent sides of me! I see how absolutely great the lighting was now and why it was so essential to get it before it was gone! They look so great!!!!!!!! AH! I love them all! I really like the play with focus and depth of field, I find those to be my favorite. Your choice of angles was always really accurate in catching the best of me, as well! I particularly love the really good low angle images! -marina

    "Thank you for your time this weekend Josh. You've been so patient and understanding. Our shoot session was awesome and I can't wait to see the pictures. -ann

    "Joshua Monesson... is a Brilliant, Talented, respectful, kind-hearted, Awesome!! and did I say Talented? When you think that you've met as much pleasant people in this world.. You're wrong!! If you haven't had worked with The Number One Son Imagery.. You're fully missin' out on some Great Times and opportunity to get captured. The images you took are FABOLOUSO!! We gotta kick it again Josh!! Coz you're hella cool to kick it with =) Thanks for the Deliscious Coffee and the unforgettable shoot! I'm looking forward to working with you again in the near future!~One LOVE~!!!! -jack

     "the shoot was great, i love working with you. i had lots of fun. i cant wait to see them :) i am down for another shoot soon." -briza

    "Hey Josh: Thank you so much for today! It was a lot of fun, I felt pretty comfortable with you compared to the other shoots I have done in the past. I thought it would have been a little more awkward but it wasn't. I like how you provided a lot of direction for me, It helped me that much more as a model. I liked how you moved around alot to capture as many angles as you can. The whole experience was great, it was beneficial for me. I can't wait to see the shots. I feel very confident from what I saw so far. I know you did a great job.I definitely hope we can work together again!! If you have any feedback for me don't be afraid to bring it to my attention. Thanks again!!" -cynthia

    "I had a great time working with you and ill be looking forward to the next shoot! =) -briza

    "Josh, It was so awesome working with you. I appreciate all your time and effort getting in those different shots. You made the whole shoot fun and so comfortable. I really look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you again!!" -allison

    "ahhh! I finally am going to have a smiley headshot that I love! I'm really, really happy with how the shots turned out. I have NO idea how I'm going to narrow down my selection of what to edit- going to have to sleep on that :) thanks so much for the shoot- I was totally comfortable with you since you're sooo enthused with what you do- makes it that much easier for me to be comfortable too (and of course that means good shots!). Can't wait to shoot again. (I'm going to steal your coffee maker- better bolt that thing down.)" -mira

    "It was my pleasure working with u ... u r one of the best photographers I worked with ... can't wait to c the pic's ... Hope we work together again ... XOXOXOX" -delia :)

    "wow. thanks so much josh!...and thanks for being so quick. you're wonderful to work with. i cant want to see the pics. it was SO much fun working with you this morning. you made me feel so comfortable, and you were so encouraging the whole time. i'd vouch for you to any model, and hope I get to work with you again soon :)" -meghan

    "Thanks Josh! I had a great time working with you! I can't wait to work together again! Have a great day!" -jenna

    "wow josh. i love love love them. you did such a fantastic job." -meghan

    "thank you so much! im so glad i met a photographer i want to stick with. you are very talented and im so excited to see the pictures.. please keep me updated on that thing you were talking about. see you soon!!" -chelsea erin

    "You have a good eye for this. love the lighting on your portrait work. look forward to seeing more." -johnny

    "Love your work. Got a lot of respect for your ability." -mac

    "Josh you're amazing. I reallyyy enjoyed our shoot together and im looking forward to our next shoot! :] -chelsea

    "I had so much fun shooting with you today. I can't wait to see the pictures and shoot some more! My favorite photographer to work with by far!" -brianna

    "Josh! It was so fun working with you! By far one of the best times i've had shooting! You made everything so easy and funny...thanks for being amused by my peanut gallery crew haha. We'll shoot again soon i hope! can't wait to see the pictures! xoxo -natalia

    "enjoyed working together! great communication, makes for a great shoot!" -bisou

    "i enjoyed working with you today Josh. i had a really great time. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to work all of our ideas so yea ,we will continue round two.." -kate

    "by the way, i took a look at all the photos last night and i love them. thank you josh!" -kate

    "Thank you again for the shots. They came out gorgeous." -anastasia

     "I looked at the online gallery of my photos, and they look great!! I picked 26 as my favorites.  GREAT JOB!!   I really loved working with you.  If you even need a model let me know." -anastasia

    "Just wanted again say thank you very much for the shoot yesterday i enjoyed it alot and thought that you were brilliant. I cant wait to see the pictures. Thanks again."  -justine

    "I absolutely loooooooove the photos, I picked out literally 50 photos that I love. You are so amazing this was the best shoot ive ever had and I would love to work with you again!" -amani'

    "I had an awesome time shooting with you yesterday!! You're an amazing photographer. I love how you made me feel so comfortable, thats definately a great quality to have! The pictures that i've looked at so far turned out awesome, i'll let you know my favorites! :) I look forward to working with you again!" -holly

    "I had so much fun shooting with you today! Thank you! (:" -brittany

    Josh, I had an effing blast today working with you!! You know I am your #1 fan. Venice Beach all the way!! Can't wait for round 2. -karen

    "Thank you soo much for being an amazing photographer and making me feel welcome and comfortable today!!! Cant wait to see the photos and i look forward to working with you in the futuree!!! -Lindsay!

    "I had BLAST yesterday!! the pictures came out so great. im really happy with the way they turned out. and thats before you did any editing. i will def be willing to work with you again. after like the first 5 shots, i got in the zone, and it was on after that ;) we had a swell time post lol. take care" -cella

    "Hey Josh (: I had a blast shooting with you today. Can't wait to see the photos, and I'm excited for our next shoot!" -elaine

    "josh!! you are an amazing photographer! the shoot was fun today we have to do it again!" -michelle

    "beautiful images and use of light. please let me know if you would consider working with me :)" -brie

    "YESSS!!! Josh, this is all thanks to you. I am going to write testimonials about how great you are, all over the place.  Any way shape or form I can promote your work or help you out, I'm there. Thank you thank you thank you thank you :)" -sandra

    "Hey Josh! I had soooo much fun working you! I loved your attitude and the direction you gave. You made me feel confident and comfortable with you. I can't wait until we do another shoot. It'll be crazier than last time and hopefully more laughs. Talk to you soon!"-naomi








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